Biden's Swat Team



The time is speedily flying by.

Election day is drawing nigh.

But theTrump Era lingers

So let’s take out our swingers

And make sure we snuff it like killing a fly.


“Écrasez l’infâme.”     Voltaire


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  • Exactly! And Voltaire summarizes this sentiment perfectly.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I'm not sure certain people will go along with the Merriam Webster definition, although in the age of Coney, and what Covid-19 is doing to Notre Dame, maybe.

  • In reply to jack:

    True, Voltaire used the phrase in a different context, but I am sure he would not object to using it in this context, whether the "loathsome thing" refers to the fly, Pence, or Pence's master.

  • I don't know if the fly was attracted to Pence being full of sh--, but the fly, and "Mr. VP I'm speaking" seems all to have come out of that debate. Unlike the first one, I stayed around for about 10 minutes, but realized that he wasn't going to go off his overlord's script. Fortunately, Spaceballs was on Channel 32.4. Was more suspenseful even though I knew it ended with the apes on The Planet of the Apes saying "Spaceballs." "There goes the planet!" Which is why I don't give a Pence whether OPD shows up for any more debates.

  • Thanks for keeping me up to date. The things I missed by listening to the radio!!

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