Chinese-Americans be damned, Kevin McCarthy's OK with Trump's racism



“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy lashed out at a reporter on Thursday who asked whether the California Republican thought Donald Trump’s use of a racist term ‘kung-flu’ was “an appropriate way to ‘characterize the coronavirus.'”


When asked about Trump’s racist names

For Covid-19 McCarthy flames.

He acts outraged, quite shocked and cross

Before the press, but not his boss.

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  • Well done. Not only is the name not funny, it's giving too many people the "reasoning" that "Oh, it's just another flu bug." They're distant cousins at best. (Meanwhile, the more things change... I keep reading that 1918's "Spanish flu," a.k.a. the previous pandemic, didn't really start in Spain at all. At least now we get the geographic origin right... maybe next time... er, stop that thought right there.)

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    I received appeals claiming that it is causing hate speech in Chinatown and lost business, but most of the residents there came over way before Dec. 2019.

  • I guess that's why he's minority leader, not majority leader.

    OPD's lackeys said most of what OPD said in Tulsa was tongue in cheek. Apparently, someone finally decided that wasn't going over, so the Pence task force was hauled out today to comment on problems in such places as Fla.* Dr. Brix appeared rational, but there were too many line graphs for me to follow, except the top counties for the resurgence included Dade, Broward, Hillsborough, etc. in Fla.

    OPD: Keep appealing to a rapidly diminishing base.

    On the other hand, some of my Chinese neighbors gave me a pack of masks with Chinese lettering all over it, but the elastic broke, so maybe we shouldn't trust imports. And to follow up on your hair cut post, the stylist at Great Clips asked if I knew if I had some kind of yellow gunk in my hair,and said she couldn't cut it but cut off enough hair that I didn't care or pay.
    *I guess an Alzheimer's patient was wrong in telling Illinois to follow Fla.

  • I think the Republican leadership is testy these days. They are learning that Donald Trump may not be the salvation of their party after all. So, rather than defend their leader, they attack the journalist who asks the most obvious question: "Why does the Emperor have no clothes?"

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I don't think they have that much brains (certainly not McCarthy). Lashing out at the press has been the m.o. for the past 4 years. The recognition of the end of the OPD era comes from such things as the Senate suddenly filling all the vacancies in the Court of Appeals (despite a prior trend of putting holds for over 10 years) and asking federal judges to take senior status immediately so OPD can fill the vacancies.

    I was somewhat surprised by OPD's letter last night to Pritzker and Lightfoot. Despite some provocations, I would have called his bluff.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    BTW, the emperor does have some clothes--a big red tie made in China that points to what he doesn't have.

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