An Ode: In memory of George Floyd



Where peacefully we the people protest

The ground is firm and free and blessed;

For so the blood of heroes dead

Has paved the way for us ahead.



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  • 1. Seems more an ode to the First Amendment right to protest, but apparently Drew Brees didn't get the last 2 lines.
    2. One would have thought that the Minneapolis cops would have gotten the word from the Eric Garner episode, but decided to repeat it.
    3. Then, according to the I-Team some Chicago police, after not protecting areas like 87th St. and Grand Blvd. Plaza decided to go all Chauvin at Brickyard. Unlike Minnesota, where the firings were immediate and charges were filed within a week, all we get from Lightfoot is that the case was referred to COPA.
    4. Based on Channels 7 and 9 helicopter coverage of thee Grand Blvd. Plaza looting (which occurred 3 blocks from the 51st and Wentworth police district headquarters) and of a police blockade of Old Town, which resulted in one old school civil disobedience protester getting arrested, Lightfoot blatantly lied when she said police resources were not concentrated downtown. Maybe there were 3 times more 911 calls than police officers, but they didn't need several hundred to blockade Wells and North. I thought Lightfoot was the best of the alternatives in last year's electron, but that bit of b.s. got me off her wagon.
    At least I got most of this off my chest. I have a few more, but this isn't the place for it.

  • Beautifully put. It's hard for me to see the road, so I appreciate a reminder that it is paved.

  • Yes! The power of poetry and humanity.

  • Thank you for affirming the power of poetry and humanity.

  • I agree with Margaret. I would add only that the pavement is hard--in more senses than one.

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