Mike Pence's self-quarantine turns ugly




Some people imagine Mike Pence is on lockdown.

Maybe checking the Dow Jones to see any stock down?

Or dreaming another

Was married to Mother?

Or internet slumming and sloshing a bock down?


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  • Hmm. Whatever happened to the days of "You die, I fly" from VP Bush (the elder)? Oh... he'd have to wear masks to funerals.

  • A news search indicates that Pence never self-quarantined; he only "distanced" himself from Orange Psycho Donnie.

    On "Maybe checking the Dow Jones to see any stock down" that's what I was doing on Yahoo! Finance, and the Dow was up 900. I don't know how his family's Kiel Brothers Oil did (surprisingly. there's another Pence Oil).

    "sloshing a bock down" If he's loyal to Indiana, he'll have a 3 Floyds. Again. that's what I do.

  • In reply to jack:

    Actually, I do know what happened to Kiel Bros. Oil. It was liquidated in bankruptcy and some post office box in Northbrook bought the assets.

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