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On the green Trump's a figure of fun

  In right-wing bubbles a Biden gaffe Is always  fodder for a laugh. But it’s so ironic That for gaffes Trump’s iconic And out on the golf course a perfect Falstaff.    

So Trump is his own doctor? No foolin'.

“The doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.” ― Sir William Osler   Now that Trump admits he’s been Taking hydroxychloroquine, Will he next tell his friends on Fox He swills it down with a shot of Clorox?    

Mike Pence's self-quarantine turns ugly

  Some people imagine Mike Pence is on lockdown. Maybe checking the Dow Jones to see any stock down? Or dreaming another Was married to Mother? Or internet slumming and sloshing a bock down?  

Trump's ignorance of science is unacceptable

Jim Carrey   Coronavirus: Trump says Dr Fauci’s warning ‘not acceptable’ BBC   On pandemics Fauci’s considered adept So why doesn’t Trump his opinion accept? It’s the almighty dollar Picked over a scholar By someone who must have in science class slept.  

Balancing a happy marriage and the need for a haircut during a pandemic

Margaret Clarke   As my  hair grows much longer this year, And my  barber is locked down at home, My wife says she willing to shear The sides and the top of my dome. Despite her kind offer, I’m unsure She’s up to the task. And I fear She would cut what now covers my... Read more »

Innocent or not, Joe Biden takes the stand

  Standing accused of a crime is Joe Biden That for years, it’s alleged, he’s been hidin’. This sexual charge, Since released lurks at large; A case the court of public opinion’s tryin’.