Puzzling over the pandemic and its role in life



Life is like a crossword puzzle,

With all the blanks to fill

And solving it depends upon

One’s intellect and will.

It’s easy, medium, or hard

That choice is left to fate.

However long or short the grid

However clear the clues,

However close we come to solve,

It’s ours to win or lose.



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  • Most of my squares are still blank. Like last night, the most interesting thing on TV after the National Geographic show on ABC was a Bon Appetite streaming show on how to butcher a pig, which either is a good skill to know since it looks like Smithfield is shutting down, or disgusting enough to make one Kosher (except it was followed by one on how to butcher a lamb).

  • In reply to jack:

    My wife and I watched The King and I on WTTW Prime. Ken Watanabe was a perfect King.

  • Thank you! This is marvelous. It makes me feel quite "deep" about getting a whole new set of puzzles with my Sunday paper. The old puzzles are finished and gone; new puzzles have arrived.

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