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At the Mayo Clinic, Pence shows his true face

Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic without a mask, violating his own government’s guidance The Mayo posted, then deleted a tweet noting Pence was warned about the hospital’s policy — but didn’t follow it. By Aaron Rupar@atrupar Apr 28, 2020, 5:05pm EDT       [Vox]     Vice-President Pence who has led the task force Did not... Read more »

Puzzling over the pandemic and its role in life

  Life is like a crossword puzzle, With all the blanks to fill And solving it depends upon One’s intellect and will. It’s easy, medium, or hard That choice is left to fate. However long or short the grid However clear the clues, However close we come to solve, It’s ours to win or lose.... Read more »

Long before the arrival of the Co-vid vaccine, I may begin to look like that Harry Potter character, Hagrid

  The pandemic’s inspired much fear. Some ominous, some less severe. Of the latter I harbor The fear that a barber Won’t see me perhaps for a year.

What my mother taught me that Trump never learned

  My mother taught me when a youth To be fair and kind and not uncouth. And give a nod To the words of God. But  unlike Trump,  to love the truth.

Trump's version of liberation theology

  “Today President Trump began fueling reopening protests in some blue states.What he’s saying: ‘LIBERATE MICHIGAN! … LIBERATE MINNESOTA! … LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!’ Why it matters: Governors have in place strong public health restrictions and are likely to want to continue to hold the line for... Read more »

Spring in my garden is an antidote to the pandemic blues

[emerging Solomon’s seal]   Magnolia blossoms are opening now. Daffodils noddingly shake. A robin is pecking at seeds on a bough. Tulips are ready to wake. Solomon’s seal is spiking the air. Grass floods the ground in deep green. Resurgence of everything is everywhere Defying against quarantine.      

Trapped at home: A pandemic tale

  The three of us: me and the dog and the spouse, While  coping with being confined to the house, Caught a glimpse of a flitter, A wee and grey critter, What Burns called a ‘”beastie” and we call a MOUSE!    

Trump's obsessive pursuit to kill voting by mail

  “‘Mail-in voting is horrible. It’s corrupt,’  Trump said during a Coronavirus Task Force press briefing. ‘Sure I can vote by mail… because I’m allowed to.  Well that’s called out-of-state,’  Trump continued, attempting to justify what observers denounced as a glaringly hypocritical position. ‘You know why I voted? Because I happened to be in the... Read more »

The tragic flaw of the national response to the pandemic

  [Missing: Jared Kushner and several others]     Trump’s team may be working together On the parts of achieving our goal. But success is elusive unless There is one who sees clearly the whole.

Unmasking Trump's narcissism

    “’The CDC is advising the use of non-medical cloth face covering as an additional voluntary public health measure,’  the US president told reporters on Friday. ‘This is voluntary. I don’t think I’m going to be doing it'”              [The Guardian]   ‘It’s wise to wear a mask,’ says the CDC. ‘It’s not the law.... Read more »