Profit should not trump science and data at this critical juncture



Let’s salute every doctor and nurse

Who are dealing with this virus curse.

For no nation has wealth

If it doesn’t have health

And denying this makes it much worse.

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  • You are right, of course. However, we are beginning to hear from the 21st century students of Thomas Malthus, the 18th century political economist. They argue that COVID-19, which is most deadly for the elderly and infirm, should be allowed to harvest the elderly population, freeing up costs of Medicare, Social Security and retirement funds. But even more important, they suggest, this would release the wealth held by the elderly to a younger generation more likely to spend it on consumer goods and services, thus stimulating the economy.

  • I've heard those neo-Malthusians too. The sad fact is that virus is killing more than just the elderly and infirm.

    The Trump idolaters are a soulless crowd.

  • I'm grateful for your insights, my friend. But just once, I wish you'd run low on material!

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