On Sunday Trump admitted why he headlines daily Covid-19 pressers



One hundred thousand, say experts, will die.

A number Trump’s briefings do seem to belie.

He wanted to knock down

Extending the lockdown,

And yesterday crowed that his ratings were high.


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  • One New Yorker-turned-president: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." His successor: "The only thing I worry about is low ratings." Not much of a comparison.

  • Not sure how you used the term ratings, whether in viewership or in the context of a Newsmax ad to the effect of "text this number to tell Nancy Pelosi how Trump is doing handling the crisis." Some polls say he's doing quite well.

    All politicians are so using their press ops, whether Gov. Pritzker saying what a great job his sister Penny is doing and Penny saying what a great job the Governor is doing, to the 11 a.m. news cutting away to Preckwinlke thanking all sorts of folks (I didn't stay around to see if she or any of her aides said anything substantive).

  • In reply to jack:

    Of course, all politicians use their press ops. But few are so bumptious in boasting of their television ratings. If I may quote from @realDonaldTrump:

    Because the “Ratings” of my News Conferences etc. are so high, “Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers” according to the @nytimes, the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    When a lot of channels preempt normal programming, the result is not surprising, However, they don't seem to stay with it as long as they used to.

    Note also that he quotes NYT and WP when they have headlines like this or "ACQUITTED," but otherwise they are FAKE NEWS.

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