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On Sunday Trump admitted why he headlines daily Covid-19 pressers

  One hundred thousand, say experts, will die. A number Trump’s briefings do seem to belie. He wanted to knock down Extending the lockdown, And yesterday crowed that his ratings were high.  

Profit should not trump science and data at this critical juncture

  Let’s salute every doctor and nurse Who are dealing with this virus curse. For no nation has wealth If it doesn’t have health And denying this makes it much worse.

In this existential crisis we can learn from FDR

  As the virus spreads, who knows what awaits. All of us anxious of ominous fates. To FDR look When at war how he took Command without saying ” Depend on the states.”

Ben Franklin had good advice for dealing with Covid-19

  While Covid-19 over all of us looms They’re asking that we spend the time in our rooms. Let’s follow the guidelines And stay on the sidelines So fewer of us will wind up in our tombs.   During an outbreak in your community, protect yourself and others by: Staying home from work, school, and... Read more »

Chloroquine exposes Trump's arrogant ignorance

Fauci throws cold water on Trump’s declaration that malaria drug chloroquine is a ‘game changer’ Fauci says chloroquine hasn’t been studied on coronavirus.    ABC News     A drug to treat malaria, chloroquine May help in treating Covid-19. Trump says, “Let’s ingest it!” Dr. Fauci says, “Test it!” Which proves that sheer ignorance has no... Read more »

On Covid-19, Trump predictively passes the buck

Trump Continues Calling the Coronavirus “Chinese” Despite Reports of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes  [democracy now]     Whom does Trump blame for the Covid-19? For the enemy within that he says is unseen? For the lack of the test kits, the respirators The shortage of beds  and of ventilators? It’s ‘The Chinese virus’ He dubs it... Read more »

RX'ing out the handshake

  The handshake began in the times of King Pepin It was done to prove that there wasn’t a weapon. But now there’s a virus that handshakes transmit. So  let’s greet another without doing it.  

A pandemic dilemma: Getting to the bottom if we can

  They say not to panic But what do we see. The groceries running out Of  their TP.   Just yesterday shopping I saw empty shelves. If there is one thing to fear: It is  ourselves.

Trump conjures up a new conspirator: A Covid-19 Fifth-Columnist on Air Force One

Trump reportedly told aides he fears journalists will purposefully try to infect him with coronavirus on Air Force One [The Week]     Covid-19 has made Trump so annoyed. He now thinks the media wants him destroyed. He fears they’ll infect him Which won’t reelect him. I’d say positively that he’s paranoid.

Is Pence ticketed for the ash heap of history?

  “Longtime CNN political analyst Paul Begala predicted on Monday that President Trump is ‘gonna dump [Vice President] Mike Pence in favor of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’ on July 16 when the Democratic nominee is slated to give his or her acceptance speech.”   []   Some say Trump is convinced it makes sense... Read more »