Time to dethrone Trump: A triolet




“So a lot of these things, they seem odd. A lot of people aren`t paying

attention to some of them. They accrue over time, a month later, and two

months later, and something else. And if you don`t focus on the whole

picture, he`s not standing out and giving a speech about saying I want a

king –


REID: Yes.


AYER: He`s actually just implementing it a step at a time.”


[Donald Ayer on MSNBC]



The President is not a king,

He’s not above the law.

He’s not there for our worshiping,

The President is not a king.

This isn’t Moscow or Beijing,

Manila or Warsaw.

The President is not a king,

He’s not above the law.



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  • Heartfelt thanks, my friend. Long live our First Amendment right to state this truth!

  • Bravo! Beautifully done. Thank you so much, AW

  • 1. There was a Slate article that he has entered his King Lear era. MS or you would be in a better position to comment on that, but it does appear that great minds think alike.
    2. If you dethrone Trump, would he be off the triolet toilet?
    3. Combining this with your Bloomberg post, it doesn't appear that Bloomberg is the one to dethrone him. We have the additional issues since then about Elizabeth Warren tearing a hole into him in the Nevada debates, S.E. Cupp writing that he has no business telling women to use their mammary glands, his unwillingness or inability to release his tax returns, and the NDAs. You would think that billionaires like Bloomberg and Weinstein could pay for women's services, but they must think that prostitution is immoral.

  • In reply to jack:

    Citation to S. E. Cupp.

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