The 23rd Psalm and the inevitable ignorance of Donald Trump


Gustave Dore


“‘I think that there’s a chance that it [coronavirus] could get worse, a chance it could get fairly substantially worse, but nothing’s inevitable,’ Trump told reporters at the White House.”    [NDTV]



Trump says that nothing is inevitable.

Which took away my breath.

Let’s see him scape the March of Time,

The shadowed Vale of Death.



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  • I'm sure Donald Trump would say that your apocalyptic illustration portrays the Deep State, which he considers a greater threat than the coronavirus.

  • Despite predictions, his hasn't happened yet.

    Also Pence is sitting there saying "I cudda been President, but I'm stuck here running this task force, for which I am not competent."

  • To bring up a topic from a couple of weeks ago, Wilbur Ross may have been callous but correct. Looks like for a third year, the Orange Carbuncle will be allowed to say that the DOW is up to 25,000. Collected an awful lot of capital gains taxes during the interim though, sort of like in 2000.

  • You prepare a table of poetry before us
    in the presence of our enemies.
    Thank you!

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