Presidents' Day Quiz


Match the President in the left column with an event during his term in the right column.






1. George Washington                      A. The 13th Amendment

2. John Adams                                   B. XYZ Affair

3. Thomas Jefferson                          C. John Brown’s Raid

4. James Madison                              D.Treaty of Ghent

5. James Monroe                                E. First to die in office

6. John Quincy Adams                        F. Weather Bureau

7. Andrew Jackson                              G. Indian Removal Act

8 Martin Van Buren                              H. Compromise of 1850

9. William Henry Harrison                    I. American Red Cross

10. John Tyler                                       J. Whiskey Rebellion

11. James K. Polk                                 K.  Amistad afffair

12. Zachary Taylor                                 L. Marbury v. Madison

13. Millard Fillmore                               M. Erie Canal

14. Franklin Pierce                                 N. Dred Scott case

15. James Buchanan                             O. Black Code

16. Abraham Lincoln                              P.  California Gold Rush

17. Andrew Johnson                               Q. First telegraph line

18. Ulysses Grant                                    R. Missouri Compromise

19. Rutherford B. Hayes                          S. Civil Service Reform

20. James Garfield                                   T .Fugitive Slave Act



Answers:  1=J; 2=B; 3=L; 4=D; 5=R; 6=M; 7=G; 8=K; 9=E; 10=Q 11=P; 12=H; 13=T; 14=C; 15=N; 16=A; 17=O; 18=F; 19=S; 20=I

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