An unintended consequence of Trump's exercise of Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution?



Across the land in prison cells

Whose space would harden me.

The inmates are more courteous

And now say “Pardon me.”




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  • Especially after "BURP." Just ask Garfield.Also Bill Clinton.

    I posted elsewhere that if the Orange Maggot didn't do anything wrong with respect to the abuse of power article, Blago didn't either, as the allegations were similar to the Blago indictment counts involving Race Track Executive, Children's Memorial Hospital, and Construction Contractor (i.e. withholding official action for a personal benefit), and thus he should be pardoned. It didn't go that far, but it was predictable.

    Also getting back to our discussion on Kass, the headline yesterday indicates that he slammed both Trump and Blago, which may be a first, but shows that he has some principles that govern over others.

  • Well done! I can count on you to make me laugh when I would scream otherwise.

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