An irate Pompeo gives an NPR reporter a geography test




“According to [NPR reporter Mary Louise] Kelly, Pompeo yelled at her while using the “F-word and many others” because she questioned him about Ukraine.She said Pompeo accused her of not knowing where Ukraine is located and challenged her to point out where the country is on a map, which he ordered his staff to produce. Kelly said she correctly identified Ukraine’s location when instructed. Pompeo has claimed that Kelly, who has a master’s degree in European studies from Cambridge University, was not correct.”   []


Don’t ask Pompeo anything

He thinks may be a trap.

Beneath his calm exterior

He is an angry chap.

So don’t provoke him. Treat him nice.

That is my short recap.

Or otherwise he’ll have you find

Ukraine upon a map.



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  • An addendum:

    And cause your coworkers to suffer the bane

    Of being barred now from his government plane.

  • Thank you!

  • Everyone knows that Ukraine is at the corner of Chicago and Ashland Avenues.

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