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A Christmas Reckoning in Brief

    One lesson of Christmas that everyone learns. What counts is the gifting and not the returns.

Pelosi's Fabian impeachment strategy is risky but astute

  The impeachment Pelosi’s decided to  hold While McConnell the hypocrite continues to scold. The case of the Speaker Be it  stronger or weaker, Is  nothing else if not remarkably bold.        

Why the verdict of the impeachment trial will be a foregone conclusion

  No one’s expecting Trump will be removed Despite by the evidence his guilt has been proved. After impeachment, the Framers said, then it Would be tried impartially by all the Senate. For which they are bound by an oath to be fair. And weigh all the facts and their judgment declare. “Not so,” McConnell... Read more »

Making rhyme (and reason) for the case of impeachment

  Abusing his power Trump has overreached. Betraying our trust, Our security breached, He could have called witnesses He so was beseeched. Instead he obstructed, And must be impeached.  

At Trump's trial juror Lindsey Graham will betray the Founding Fathers

“Speaking at the Doha Forum in Qatar on Saturday, the South Carolina Republican and close Trump ally said he was ‘trying to give a pretty clear signal I have made up my mind. I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here. What I see coming, happening today, is just a partisan nonsense.'”    ... Read more »

Appealing to Hamilton and Madison to impeach Trump has its limitations

  What the Founding Fathers thought and said Is worthy of noting. But it pays to remember that they are dead And won’t be voting.

Castor and Callen: Beltway Comics

    Republican counsel Steve Castor Showed legally he was no master When he acted inanely crestfallen While chatting with Ashley Hurt Callen.

At the NATO conference Trump provides comedy relief

  Every morning we learn of another Trump gaffe And his lies geometrically rise on a graph. Furthermore now it’s so That Macron and Trudeau And a few others think that Trump’s good for a laugh.