Parnas and Fruman join the rest of Trump's whipping boys



“I don’t know those gentlemen. Now it’s possible I have a picture with them because I have a picture with everybody, I have a picture with everybody here,” Trump said, adding that someone told him there “may be” a photo with them “at a fundraiser or somewhere, but I have pictures with everybody.”   [CNN]




This is the saga of Parnas and Fruman

Who acted as though they were one and not two men,

They helped Guiliani

For President Donnie

And will come off the worse as have not just a few men.






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  • Notice how personal mob lawyer Rudy suddenly disappeared?

    Note also that the orange Alzheimer's patient doesn't remember a lot of persons he met, like the woman suing him for defamation. From Politico:
    “I have no idea who this women is,” Trump said after the initial accusation. “This is a woman who’s also accused other men of things, as you know. It is a totally false accusation.”

    Trump also claimed he “never met this person,” despite a 1987 photo of the two at a party together.

    Maybe he is as drunk at a party as comic character Wilbur Weston.

  • Thank you for keeping me up to date on the rogues' gallery, er, cast of characters.

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