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No one should trust Trump at the wheel. Not even Giuliani.

    “When asked what he would do if Trump tries to throw him ‘under the bus’ as it relates to Ukraine, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was quoted as saying ‘Trump isn’t, but I have insurance.'”  [ABC News]   Trump says Giuliani just  gave the appearance Of working for him on Ukraine interference That would ... Read more »

My 2020 vision: A blue tsunami sweeps Trump away

    It’s said that Trump’s base won’t reject him And solidly they’ll reelect him. But if a groundswell Of blue voters as well, Their number’s enough to eject him.

The Foggy Bottom Irregulars

  The State Department, says Bill Taylor, Used two channels in Ukraine. The one he called ‘irregular’ And the ‘regular’ or main. The regulars are diplomats The legates and envoys. The irregulars apparently A quartet of Trump’s boys. Guiliani and Mulvaney,’ And the Energy secretary. And not a single one of them A Ukranian emissary.... Read more »

Reflections on getting the flu vaccine

    I and my wife got our flu shots today. We got the high dose for the old and the gray. Since the bug is selective, We hope it’s effective. But if not, I’d rather it’s me in sick bay.

My reaction to snow on Veterans Day

  Why has the snow come so early this year? The winter is still in the offing. At yuletide its presence betokens good cheer. But now it’s as welcome as coughing.

The Queen says verboten to natural furs

    As far as I can now determine The Queen of Britain won’t wear ermine. Nor will her staff henceforth be able To deck her out with any sable. All her furs must now be sham And none chinchilla, mink, or lamb. The Queen’s become an unbeliever In anything, say, made of beaver. Custom... Read more »

Parnas and Fruman join the rest of Trump's whipping boys

  “I don’t know those gentlemen. Now it’s possible I have a picture with them because I have a picture with everybody, I have a picture with everybody here,” Trump said, adding that someone told him there “may be” a photo with them “at a fundraiser or somewhere, but I have pictures with everybody.”   [CNN]... Read more »