Trump's impulsive culpable ignorance is an existential threat



President Trump is immune to  advice .

He thinks he’s a genius, so just rolls the dice.

Self-interest and whim

Are what motivate him.

And the nation be damned, he will never think twice.





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  • Why think a second time? If things don't go exactly as planned, you simply solve the problem with a tariff. For example, I understand that Trump is imposing a 50 percent tariff on Turkish steel imports. That should bring Turkey back in line!

  • In reply to jnorto:

    He was saying something about sanctions to bring Turkey to its economic knees, but sanctions on 3 ministers doesn't sound like that. Sen. Graham reportedly has a bipartisan bill with real sanctions, but I guess Congress has to come back from whatever recess it is this week.

  • This reminded me that I told the World Jewish Congress where to go about a year ago when their monthly newsletter had the headline: "PENCE: Trump and I have Israel's back." If the Kurds demonstrate how the administration has its allies' back, I made the correct decision.

    Bob Abrams had a good summary of what was going on. The "Letting ISIS loose" part doesn't seem well known, but appears to have been contemplated, with the orange toad saying that was Europe's problem.

    I can sort of see that fighting Turkey isn't our role, but in the old days someone would have sent in a UN peace keeping force instead of instituting a blood bath.

    But I guess, when one is a PSYCHOTIC, this takes the news cycle away from the impeachment investigation. But, as I noted above, suddenly unified Congress.

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