Trump's chief of staff does a stand-up performance



What’s going on with Mulvaney, called Mick?

He makes public statements to which he won’t stick.

There’s no quid pro quo

After saying  ’twas so:

Another Trump toady out  doing his schtick.



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  • But Mulvaney later told us that we " misconstrued" the words he used. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to unmisconstrue what he said, but I am realizing that what this administration says is official only if we read it in a tweet.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    1.It is a usual rule of construction that something needs to be construed only if it is ambiguous, meaning it has two meanings. But maybe Mick is admitting that he talks through both sides of his mouth.
    2. Official in a tweet is correct, but it looks like someone took over the tweeter's account. How else can one explain, for instance, tweets with NO ALL CAPS, or one about Elijah Cummings that didn't flame all the rats in Baltimore? But, in the meantime, the @realpsychopath reportedly kept up his lying streak in Texas.

    Also, Pompeo is getting dragged more and more into this, while I don't think we'll see much of Mob Lawyer Rudy any more. People are leaving State and talking, while that man of G-d Pence and Pompeo made a sucker deal with the Turks, whether or not Turkey stops shooting for 120 hours.

    As MS may have observed, something is up when Moscow Mitch says there will be an impeachment trial around Christmas. As I noted before, there is enough legal cause, regardless of whether the administration defies the document subpoenas, but maybe the House believes there has to be a more fulsome record to convince the Senate, as some of the Republican senators are not fascists.

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