Tin foil hat Republicans break into SCIF to attack Schiff



A group of Republicans barged in the room;

Toting  their phones,  they were breaking the rules.

It was to please Trump we would have to assume.

When the facts are against them, they turn into fools.




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  • Storm troopers, of either the Star Wars or Hitlerjunge type.

    It seems like the tea baggers were happy with the Boehner or Hastert rules, but now that their fuehrer assured a Democratic majority, cry about a lack of due process.

    BTW, they now seem to rely on giving only half the story. You can go back to my post on ambiguity and Mulvaney. After admitting to all the facts constituting a quid pro quo, Mick tried to walk that back by saying "I didn't use the words 'quid pro quo'." Then, trying to justify it he said something about "we always use pressure in foreign policy" and someone of similar bent said "like conditioning aid to Guatemala on doing something about the migrants." The difference, as the 7th Circuit, in throwing out the "political horsetrading" counts against Blago, said, is that controlling migrants may be a legitimate government interest, while getting dirt in a national election was extortion for a personal benefit. I don't buy the "corruption" angle, as there was a prior investigation that turned up nothing, but I guess that's why there were references in the transcript to the "corrupt prosecutor."

    The House tea baggers are afraid of being called Republican "human scum," but I guess that's how fascism works.

  • It's interesting to note that nearly half of the "protesters" were members of one of the three House committees holding the closed hearings and would be entitled to attend the hearing (without their cell phones). But, hearing the testimony was not the reason for storming the basement. Putting on a reality show was

  • In reply to jnorto:

    But I'm sure that CTU getting civil disobedience training and being turned back from blocking LSD isn't any different, especially since Lightfoot seems willing to bend over to most of its demands. Policy today is getting the first five minutes on the news platform of choice (I'm sure there's some platform leading with "The House is lynching the President," but as I noted above, leaving out the half of the story you noted).

    I was thinking that the Republicans were throwing a lot of radar chaff because they can't defend the carbuncle, and I see today that Clarence Page said about the same thing.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'm sure the Republican House Freedom Caucus appreciate your equating their show with the Chicago Teachers Union. And the reverse is probably also true.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Just calling them as I see them.

  • Getting back to the "resort in hell" point I made Wednesday, I sort of remembered something at 666 Fifth Ave., but that turned out to be a former Kushner property.

    I also concur with something in today's right pane.

  • In reply to jack:

    He did say he'll be looking at us---wallowing in the carnage--- from a high hill.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    According to Capitol Fax, it is Miami, which is close to sea level. According to PBS, ever closer to sea level, due to climate change.

    He also made a big deal about being in Chicago, but his writings, before I flamed him and left, indicated that he lived in the east side of Northbrook, which isn't affected by the CTU strike.Probably was also not affected by the Obama Center on his drive to a Barbershop on 79th.

    In short, good riddance to another phony.

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