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Tin foil hat Republicans break into SCIF to attack Schiff

  A group of Republicans barged in the room; Toting  their phones,  they were breaking the rules. It was to please Trump we would have to assume. When the facts are against them, they turn into fools.    

Evangelicals who support Trump have to square this circle

  An American, I do not care in the least If Trump has or he hasn’t a faith. But if he is a Christian as he says he is, He doesn’t do what his God saith.    

Warning to the G7 Doral visitors: Beware the bedbugs!

“The hashtag #BedBugSummit trended on Twitter Friday due to allegations of past infestation at President Trump’s resort in Doral, Fla. The news resurfaced following the announcement that the U.S. will host next year’s Group of Seven (G-7) summit at the Trump property.”      [The Hill]     To stay at Doral Country Club is precarious Because... Read more »

Trump's chief of staff does a stand-up performance

  What’s going on with Mulvaney, called Mick? He makes public statements to which he won’t stick. There’s no quid pro quo After saying  ’twas so: Another Trump toady out  doing his schtick.    

Trump's impulsive culpable ignorance is an existential threat

  President Trump is immune to  advice . He thinks he’s a genius, so just rolls the dice. Self-interest and whim Are what motivate him. And the nation be damned, he will never think twice.      

Trump's Ukraine jig is up.

  Impeachment inquiry is under way. If Trump were a godly man, now he should pray. It’s a matter of time: He’s confessed to the crime. The cat’s out the bag, and this dog’s had his day.