Reflections on Trump's abuse of the pardon power



I imagine if Trump

Were in charge of a garden

He’d  uproot the flowers

And give weeds a pardon.










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  • For Donald Trump's enforcers (you call them his weeds) the somewhat archaic old phrase, "I beg your pardon!" takes on a new immediacy, doesn't it?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Well done, jnorto!

  • You can clarify if this is about his good friend Blagojevick, but if so, he is only messing with him and Potti. Despite what the Sun-Times said his ace political advisor Jared said, there is no political upside to pardoning him.

    BTW, I thought Jared was going to bring peace to the Middle East by now, but reportedly that's delayed until the Israeli election.

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