Today in History: May 6




Pulled by a horse and not a steer,

The steel plow* was invented

By blacksmith John Deere.

*Later called “The Plough That Broke the Plains”,  Deere was, it’s said, inspired by the steel tines of a pitchfork.  His brainchild was converting a steel-bladed saw into the share or cutting part of the plow. Today, of course, his name is synonymous with the green farm products made  by the company he founded: tractors, trucks, combines, and mowers, just to name a few.  As a sidebar, my son-in-law, Nate, who grew up on a farm in Alexis, Illinois, is one of a myriad of admirers of the Deere brand.

indexdeereJohn Deere 3710 Moldboard Plow


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  • Thanks. I've wondered in a lot of Advents just how much work it would take to bend a ploughshare (plowshare?) into a pruning hook. Not much, I see.

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