Today in History: May 17




At a Turkish fair

The first merry-go-round*

Spun in open air.


*English traveler, Peter Munday, visited a Turkish fair in what is now Bulgaria and saw a man-powered ride for children consisting of a spinning wheel with eight seats on the outer edges. Horseback it wasn’t but it must have been fun for the kids, if not the for the men turning the wheel.


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  • Pm;y established that on this day, the first Englishman saw a carousel.

  • Only...

  • In reply to jack:

    Indeed. One can't escape the deep-seated biases of one's culture. I'm Euro-centric. Guilty as charged.

  • I remember riding on some merry-go-rounds as kids that had seats among the horses. Sometimes I picked out a seat when I couldn't decide on a horse and wanted to watch them instead.

  • I seem to remember an old photograph of me on a merry-go-round horse dressed up as a little cowhand. Thanks, my friend, for jogging my memory..

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