Today in History: April 28


1790 painting by Robert Dodd




On the Bounty where the seas are high

A mutiny* arose

‘Gainst Captain Bligh**


*Fletcher Christian led a band of 25 petty officers and seamen in the uprising when the ship was not too far from the Pacific island of Tonga.

** The infamous Bligh and 18 men loyal to him were put on a 23-foot long boat and presumably left to die at sea. Remarkably, Bligh demonstrated his seaworthy skills by navigating his vessel some 3600 miles to Timor in the East Indies.  He had no sooner returned to England than he resumed his vocation of transporting breadfruit to the West Indies.



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  • Was the boat with Bligh in it the real "quicker picker-upper"? (Couldn't resist.)

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    History doesn't say if Bligh was a brawny guy, tho. Touche.

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