Today in History: April 23



In 1516

Bavaria  passed a law for inns and  shops

That beer, except for yeast, be only  brewed

With water and barley and hops.*

*It was called “The Reinheitsgebot” or “German Purity Law”.  The original impetus behind the law was rising prices in wheat and rye, which were causing bread prices to spike.  By limiting brewers to barley  the demand for wheat and rye plunged whose domino effect was a drop in the price of bread. This may be a good opportunity to recommend the German beer, cuisine, and ambiance of the wonderful Frankfort restaurant Chef Klaus’ Bier Stube. The wienerschnitzel melts in your mouth.  Guten appetit!


That’s the incomparable versatile entertainer Peter at Chef Klaus’ Bier Stube in Frankfort, Ill.


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  • Um, I assume you mean Peter's on the right. Fun news, though!

  • 1. Maybe because she came from Europe, and they had standards, my mother said that American beer was water, and it was a disgrace that Anheuser Busch ripped off Budweis, the Beer of Kings. I think that the European Union agreed.
    2. It was also pointed out that Bud Light is somewhat hypocritical, in that rice is another dilutant of flavor. I would have figured that it would have been o.k. if Miller-Coors used real corn, but I guess the use of corn syrup results in Miller Lite's lack of taste.
    3. I assume 3 Floyds Gumball Head Wheat Beer has wheat, and unlike 312, is actually brewed where they say. It also has a nice lemony note.
    4. Your stamp may be dated, as it says "over 450 years," but today it would be 513.
    5. One would have to go to Frankfort to get real German food (and I did once when I lived near 3 Floyds), but it seems like the places in the north suburbs have closed.There's always 3rd St. in Milwaukee, but again, one featured on Wisconsin Foodie was out of business by the time I checked it on Yelp. Maybe some places in Kenosha and Lake Zurich.

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