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Today in History: April 30

    1939: ” The Iron Horse” his nickname, Gehrig* played his 2,130 Consecutive game. *Lou played first base and batted fourth for the legendary New York Yankee teams of the 1920s and ’30s.  His long and sterling career was abruptly ended by a  progressive disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, that destroys nerve cells in the... Read more »

Today in History: April 29

Photograph by Ernest Edwards in 1867   1852: Under the sign of the zodiac, Taurus, Was published for reference Roget’s* Thesaurus. *English lexicographer Peter Mark Roget.  Roget was a physician as well.  And a ‘natural theologian’—someone whose understanding of God derived from the light reason and the study of nature, and not from Divine Revelation.... Read more »

Trump is awol while the free press wines and dines

  Last night at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Were many a veteran and few a beginner. Absent was Trump Who was out on the stump, In fear that the free press would come out the winner.

Today in History: April 28

1790 painting by Robert Dodd     1789: On the Bounty where the seas are high A mutiny* arose ‘Gainst Captain Bligh**   *Fletcher Christian led a band of 25 petty officers and seamen in the uprising when the ship was not too far from the Pacific island of Tonga. ** The infamous Bligh and... Read more »

Revisiting a familiar weather adage

NBC news     April snows Bring May… who knows?

Today in History: April 27

Battle of Derna [Warfare History Network]   1805: The US Marine Corps Waged a battle* with pirates** On Tripoli’s shore. *The Battle of Derna pictured above.  The invasion of this heavily-fortified eastern town on the Mediterranean shore was led by Army First Lieutenant William Eaton and Marine First Lieutenant Presley Neville O’Bannon.  The 500 marines... Read more »

Today in History: April 26

View from Mirabel, France   1336: For the vista and the view Petrarch,* the poet, Climbed Mont Ventoux.** *Petrarch was accompanied by his brother and two servants. He later claimed to be the first person since antiquity to do so purely to enjoy the view. When he got down that evening he wrote a letter... Read more »

Today in History: April 25

  In 1684, A patent was granted for making  the thimble.* Much later  a Monopoly token** And surprisingly once was, in truth, a love symbol.*** *To John Lofting, a Dutchman transplanted to England. His patent was actually for the horse-powered knurling machine that produced his version [shown above] of what had been around for centuries... Read more »

Today in History: April 24

Domenico Tiepolo   1184 B.C.* The Greeks gifted a horse** To the city  of Troy With a clandestine force. *Traditional date. **A wooden one. Among the hidden Greeks was Odysseus, alias Ulysses.  The Trojans assumed the gift was an offer of peace and pulled the huge equine effigy into their fortified city.  Unwittingly, their naivete... Read more »

Today in History: April 23

  In 1516 Bavaria  passed a law for inns and  shops That beer, except for yeast, be only  brewed With water and barley and hops.* *It was called “The Reinheitsgebot” or “German Purity Law”.  The original impetus behind the law was rising prices in wheat and rye, which were causing bread prices to spike.  By... Read more »