Trump's AG pick was quite a "Barr"gain


Barr authored memo last year ruling out obstruction of justice   [CNN headline]



The Mueller Report has left jaws all ajar.

With many more questions than answers by far.

The facts by induction

Seem proof of obstruction,

So it’s clear why Trump did put his faith in Bill Barr.


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  • Well put. I still favor being able to read the whole report. After all, I've paid for a chunk of it... or I will on April 15, heavy sigh.

  • Oh yes! And doesn't he look like a dressed-up Steve Bannon?

  • Seems like this is a bit early. First, Mueller decided not to indict anyone else.While he racked up a large number of indictments, most seem to be of Russians over which he couldn't acquire personal jurisdiction. Second, Orange one doesn't care about the law itself, except to the extent it affects him personally, so he picked a GHWB guy sort of as thanks to being invited to the funeral. Third, there apparently are legitimate issues of ongoing investigations and national security that have to be resolved by the DOJ.

    The bottom line consists of that Dumb Donald Jr. and Jared aren't going to get indicted, and with regard to full release, various Congressional committees are going to subpoena it. Even Grassley said he would.

  • Yes, it's still too early to wrap it up. Loose ends need to be tied. But Trump thinks he's been exonerated. After Mueller there may very well be 'the deluge'.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    If he is not embarrassed by saying he was fully exonerated, while it is reported that the Barr summary says he was not, there's no sense further predicting what he will say. It basically comes down to that he said it was a witch hunt, and Mueller didn't catch the witch.

    On the other hand, your implication is that Barr deep sixed the investigation, but I don't think that was alleged.

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