Today in History: March 27



In 1513

Ponce de Leon sighted

A land he called Florida.*

For which he was knighted.


*In elementary school many of us read about Ponce de Leon’s search for a fountain of youth.  Historians consider this apocryphal. Woodrow Wilson believed the notion had something to do with a brown tea brewed on the island of Puerto Rico. Another scholar thought it was  the result of confusing “vid” meaning vine with “vida” meaning life.  But in reality it was all about gold.  Incidentally, the natives were not happy about Ponce de Leon’s ‘discovery’.  A tribe in southern Florida called the Calusa engaged the conquistador and his men in mortal combat and he succumbed to a wound in his thigh caused by a poisoned arrow.


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  • I thought you'd have to wind up rhyming Florida -- silly me. Well done.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    That would be a challenge. "Corrida" comes to mind. Thanks,,my friend.

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