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Today in History: March 31

In 1932 Right out of the gate, Ford offered the public* A brand-new V-8** *”The 1932 Ford was the long anticipated replacement for the Model A Ford. With the help of Edsel Ford’s keen eye for great automotive styling and the new V-8 engine, the 1932 Ford went on to become one of the most... Read more »

Today in History: March 30

  In 1842 To put in deep sleep without snuffing the breather A surgeon named Long* Used the gas known as ether.** * In the picture above, Dr. Crawford Long is removing a cyst from the neck of a man who has inhaled the gas ether.  Ether,  pleasant-smelling but flammable, was inhaled for fun at... Read more »

Today in History: March 29

  1848: What seems to be one among many tall tales Due to an ice jam Niagara Falls fails.* *The only recorded freeze-up of the river and falls.  Incidentally, every second 85,000 cubic feet of water falls, the equivalent of 635,885 gallons give or take a few drops.

Today in History: March 28

  In 845 The Vikings assailed Paree.* We’d call  them now terrorists, I’m sure you’d agree. *The Vikings were led by the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok whose life and exploits are the subject of an eponymous 13th century Icelandic saga. The French forces were led by the Frankish King Charles the Bald, whose descriptive name may... Read more »

Today in History: March 27

  In 1513 Ponce de Leon sighted A land he called Florida.* For which he was knighted.   *In elementary school many of us read about Ponce de Leon’s search for a fountain of youth.  Historians consider this apocryphal. Woodrow Wilson believed the notion had something to do with a brown tea brewed on the... Read more »

Trump's AG pick was quite a "Barr"gain

Barr authored memo last year ruling out obstruction of justice   [CNN headline]     The Mueller Report has left jaws all ajar. With many more questions than answers by far. The facts by induction Seem proof of obstruction, So it’s clear why Trump did put his faith in Bill Barr.

Today in History: March 26

  In 1885 On a serious note, without any joking, The first official British cremation Had a stoking in Woking.* *Sir Henry Thompson [pictured above in a painting by Sir John Everett Millais] bought the land the crematorium was built on in 1878.  Physician to Queen Victoria, Thompson was instrumental in founding the Cremation Society... Read more »

Today in History: March 25

  In 1896, Decades before Nike shoes, It is fitting in Athens The first Modern Olympics debuts.* * 14 nations were represented by 241 amateur athletes. The U.S. won the most gold medals (11) with the host country Greece finishing second (10), despite sending 169 athletes while the U.S. only 14.

Today in History: March 24

  In 1837 Canadian blacks could vote* While along the Mississippi, slaves The cotton bales tote. *At least in Lower Canada.

Today in History: March 23

!857. Look it up and you will notice That the first safety  elevator Was installed by Elisha Otis.* *Otis succumbed to diphtheria at the relatively early age of 49.  His two sons succeeded him at the helm of his company.