Today in History: February 21



In 1918,

The last Carolina Parakeet,

A captive at the Cincy Zoo,

Intoned its final tweet.*


* “There were many causes for parakeet’s extinction. Their home habitat, the forest, was cleared in large swaths for agricultural land and their colorful feathers were popular for decorating women’s hats. Farmers considered the parakeets pests because they ate fruit (such as apples) from orchards. Though the birds were easily bred in captivity, little was done to prevent their decline in population.” []

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  • Not to mention that while in Cincinnati, the parakeet ate some Skyline Chili, which didn't agree with him. The chili talked back to him, regardless of what the parakeet said.

  • Well, maybe other birds are safer now that hats are so plain -- if you can find one at all. Thanks for a thought-provoker.

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