Today in History: February 19



In 1942

Japanese-Americans learned

That FDR ordered

Their families interned.*


*Victims of the fog of war.

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  • How curious that it took so long after Dec. 7, 1941. Thank you.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    2-1/2 months isn't that long.

    And getting back to AW, remember when I cited that to refute your point that Roosevelt was a great defender of personal liberty?

  • Great post, AW! Did you know the actor George Takei of Star Trek fame was a little boy in an internment camp? He wrote a play about it--Allegiance was on Broadway, and there's a documentary, too. Thanks for the history lesson.

  • Here is George Takei talking about his experience and Executive Order 9066--

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