On John Bolton's strange love of the bomb



“As Iranians this week mark the 40th anniversary of their country’s 1979 revolution, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton declared in a message to Iranian leaders on Monday that he doesn’t think they will ‘have many more anniversaries to enjoy’—a comment that was immediately perceived as a direct threat of war.”  [mintpressnews.com]


Trump advisor John Bolton’s a hawk to the core;

He thinks the solution to crises is war.

In his master plan

Is invading Iran;

So don’t be surprised by what may be in store.




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  • But they can't fight in there -- it's the War Room!
    Seriously (of course), thanks for calling attention to this. It could be seen as a handy distraction in some... well, I was going to say corners, but then I thought of a room without corners. Hmm.

  • I like the cross-reference you make at the end: the clip from the movie "Dr. Strangelove."

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