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Today in History: February 28

  In 1953 Crick and Watson did say That a Double-Helix is The shape of DNA.* *Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule composed of two chains that coil around each other to form a double helix carrying the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning, and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses.... Read more »

Today in History: February 27

        In 1907 Freud and Jung met* For 13 hours in Vienna. Quite a tete a tete!   *”Set on the eve of World War I,  [The movie] A Dangerous Method describes the turbulent relationships between Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology; Sigmund Freud, founder of the discipline of psychoanalysis; and Sabina... Read more »

Today in History: February 26

  In 1815, Napoleon got a second chance; He took a French leave from the isle of  Elba To rule again in France.* *After which ensued the Hundred Days’ War, Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, and his permanent exile on the island of St. Helena.  If the Little Corporal ever did utter the palindrome “Able was... Read more »

Today in History: February 25

      In 1793 The first cabinet convened After Washington made sure His slaves had cooked and cleaned.* *The meeting took place at Washington’s estate at Mount Vernon   In 1790 slaves made up almost 40% of the population of the Commonwealth of Virginia. When Washington died in 1799 he had 317 slaves.  

Today in History: February 24

  In 1980 U.S. scores 4 and Finland twice; Wins the gold medal. The Miracle on Ice!* * “Had the United States lost to Finland on Feb. 24, 1980, the Soviet Union — yes, the same Soviets the U.S. defeated in the ‘Miracle on Ice’ game two days prior — would have won the gold medal.” []

Today in History: February 23

  In 1821 Poet John Keats Succumbs to TB And his Creator meets.* * “Shelley and Keat’s editor Leigh Hunt [claimed] that his decline had been hastened by bad reviews—tethered Keats’s death to his literary disappointments. Lord Byron, in his narrative poem ‘Don Juan,’ alluded to the same idea when he wrote, ‘ ‘Tis strange... Read more »

Today in History: February 22

  In 1997 A quantum leap: The first cloned mammal Dubbed Dolly the Sheep.* * “The sheep was originally code-named “6LL3”. The name “Dolly” came from a suggestion by the stockmen who helped with her birth, in honor of Dolly Parton, because it was a mammary cell that was cloned.”   []

Today in History: February 21

  In 1918, The last Carolina Parakeet, A captive at the Cincy Zoo, Intoned its final tweet.*   * “There were many causes for parakeet’s extinction. Their home habitat, the forest, was cleared in large swaths for agricultural land and their colorful feathers were popular for decorating women’s hats. Farmers considered the parakeets pests because... Read more »

Today in History: February 20

    In 1944, Up against the Joker’s capers, Batman and Robin* Premiere in the papers. *According to co-creator Bill Finger:   “Robin was an outgrowth of a conversation I had with Bob[Kane].  As I said, Batman was a combination of [Douglas] Fairbanks and Sherlock Holmes. Holmes had his Watson. The thing that bothered me was... Read more »

Today in History: February 19

  In 1942 Japanese-Americans learned That FDR ordered Their families interned.*   *Victims of the fog of war.