Where are the pianos of yesteryear?




“They[sales of pianos]have been decreasing for decades. In 1900, when Americans numbered about 76 million, some 171,000 pianos were sold so you would find one in every 178 homes (figuring 2.5 people in a household). Sales mushroomed by 1909, and one of every 99 households boasted a piano. That was the height of piano popularity. The year 1978 saw the last peak, when a population of 223 million bought 282,000 of the instruments, with one in every  316 homes. It’s been downhill ever since. By 2015, only one of every 3,788 families owned a piano.”  [“Ask Marilyn” by Marilyn von Savant, Parade Magazine, December 2, 2018]


At one time pianos were given a place

Of honor in houses wherever the space.

Now I’m sure many play

On pianos each day

But the keyboards are fewer in every home base.



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  • Even Stevie Wonder can see, and in part caused this.A synthesizer can do more and doesn't weigh hundreds of pounds.

  • I see your sad point. The keyboards gaining pride of place now are too often the kind on which this is being typed. We need a greater amount of music at home that isn't being played on stereos, but on instruments in general. (Yes, that's a plug for my cello.)

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