Trump makes a self-serving visit to the troops



Trump surprised the troops at an airbase once Iraq’s.

And so after many months he could finally check the box.

Complaining of the plight

That he suffered on the flight,

He then returned to Washington and watched himself on Fox.




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  • According to ABC, he lied to the troops. However, there were also some troops who took selfies with him.
    A quick diversion from the shutdown, but not a lasting one.

  • He also took pictures with Navy Seals, exposing their presence in Iraq.

    BTW, we have to alter his military title. It now should be 'Cadet False Bone Spurs'.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    SEALS I'm sure are no surprise, although their commanders should have given them appropriate orders.In that they were in the room was probably enough for the media to capture it.

    I still think NYMA Supply Sgt. is more appropriate.

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