The President and his Mouthpiece: Twelfth Month



Hey, nonny-nonny,

Trump and Giuliani.

With a hey, ho, the wind and the rain.

One of them’s insane

And the other one a knave.

Neither does behave.

When will the clouds break and out come the sun?

When the curtain closes and our play is done.


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  • At least Rudy acknowledged that he could be dead.

    The sympathy for Potti Mouth Blago and all the talk about Flynn reinforces that orange one knows lying to the FBI is a federal offense.Rudy might have misadvised him about conspiracy to violate the campaign finance laws (or some similar offense), but not that.

  • Well done! I am about to settle down and get some well-documented truth about the White House -- I just picked up "Fear" by Bob Woodward from the library's hold shelf. (I have been waiting since it came out.) Meanwhile, thanks again for the commentary!

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