Christmas rapping.



O!  The money…how shopping I too freely spent it.

When I balance my checkbook, I know I’ll repent it.

Each Christmas I face it,

If I could, I’d replace it,

But merchants and businesses would re-invent it.



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  • They invented Cyber Monday to clean out your wallet about 10 days ago. Then they extended Black Friday to start about Nov. 1.

    I never figured out the line in front of Target at 2 a.m. Most of those type of stores took care of the problem by opening Thanksgiving afternoon.* The only point I saw to shopping early is that the good stuff used to be gone from Zayre by Dec. 22, but that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

    *2 days later, I tried to use $10 in Kohls Cash for $50 in purchases deal, but they didn't have my size. I ended up buying the pants at Van Heusen outlet.

  • I'm about to leave to shop for my wife and mix in the scrum now. Wish me luck. Any damaged goods could be me.

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