Ivanka? "Lock her up, Lock her up!, Lock her up!"


Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email Account for Government Business, Review Finds

New York Times Headline


Trump’s attacks against Hillary were hailed

How  his base yelled they wanted her jailed.

But what Clinton did do

Ivanka did too:

On her personal server gov. business e-mailed.



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  • Yep.
    Related to:
    --my prior comment that the hypocrites on the alt right should be held to the standards they seek to impose on others.
    --I read a review of a book written by 2 U of C profs on the end of constitutional democracy that stated that autocrats don't abolish government institutions but undermine them, such as elections, judiciary, and law enforcement. While they said they were talking about Poland and Turkey, it sure sounds like a certain orange one to me.

  • Arrrrgh! But thank you for helping to keep a spotlight on it.

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