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Poll shows Trump is no Lincoln. Not even a Ford.

    “Newt Gingrich recently told Sean Hannity: ‘I think the person whose situation is the most like President Trump’s was Abraham Lincoln.’ A poster for a new pro-Trump documentary includes a facial portrait with Lincoln’s features on one side, Trump’s on the other. And the 45th president has suggested more than once that his popularity exceeds that... Read more »

A Thanksgiving Day Ballad on Caesar Salad

  (CNN)The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned US consumers on Tuesday to not eat romaine lettuce, as it may be contaminated with E. coli.   Today I won’t eat Caesar Salad For it might make me sick and pallid. I will eschew the leaves Romaine And poisoning they call ptomaine.  

Ivanka? "Lock her up, Lock her up!, Lock her up!"

Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email Account for Government Business, Review Finds New York Times Headline   Trump’s attacks against Hillary were hailed How  his base yelled they wanted her jailed. But what Clinton did do Ivanka did too: On her personal server gov. business e-mailed.    

How to respond to tragedies: a prescription in verse for the president

  In the wake of a disaster, And  destruction and death toll, It is evident the president’s Unable to console. He’s the  leader of our nation So he  must perform this role. He may only be one person But he represents the whole. No one can tell the president Just how he should condole. This... Read more »

On the deportment of the press, Trump should practice what he preaches

‘People Have to Behave’: Donald Trump Demands Reporters ‘Practice Decorum’ at White House   [Breitbart headline] “On Friday morning, before leaving on a trip to France to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, Trump stopped to speak to members of the press. He quickly lashed out at CNN’s Abby Phillip when... Read more »

Trump lets Melania pull the carpet from under an advisor

  Mira Ricardel, a Donald Trump hire Is someone Melania wanted to fire. Which the president ordered to placate her temper. A rare matrimonial  Fidelis Semper.

Afraid to get wet, Trump snubs our fallen heroes in Paris

  “President@realDonaldTrump a no-show because of raindrops? Those veterans the president didn’t bother to honor fought in the rain, in the mud, in the snow — & many died in trenches for the cause of freedom. Rain didn’t stop them & it shouldn’t have stopped an American president,” wrote former Secretary of State John Kerry,... Read more »

Why Trump really picked Matt Whitaker to be Acting Attorney General

      As a Senate candidate, new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said he could not support ‘secular’ judicial nominees and that courts should be ‘inferior branch’   [Washington Post]   Matthew Whitaker Trump saw on TV And thought, “Here’s a moonraker* I’ll make my AG.” *chiefly British : a stupid fellow : simpleton  ... Read more »

Trump's batsh_t analysis of the Midterm results

  I’m calling the Midterms a victory complete. Who didn’t embrace me has suffered defeat. The Dems are much weaker With Pelosi the Speaker, And my base still likes me whatever I tweet!

The enema for Trump and his ilk is simple: Vote!

  Those days of Obama and Biden, I’ve ,missed ’em. Vote  and rid bigotry out of our system!