This quizmaster will sport a beard. Who is Alex Trebek?



“Alex Trebek is celebrating the 35th season of ‘Jeopardy!’ with a new look. The TV game host’s facial hair has long been a subject of fascination. Trebek is asking the show’s fans to vote on whether he should keep the beard.”     [USA Today]


A debate among fans in the forum of tech

Is on whether a beard befits Alex Trebek.

If I may use some repartee

Like contestants on Jeopardy

A response should require no more than a sec.


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  • He had some "documentary" on BUZZR where, backstage he looked like death warmed over, then Johnny Gilbert announced him and he suddenly perked up. I don't care beard or no beard, but maybe he should be taking what Vanna White does.*

    I'm not yet sure about Santa Lovie Smith, but I don't follow U of I.

    * She's now 61 and is on her 36th season of Wheel of Fortune.

  • What is "This is a great post"?
    The pictures are a great contrast. I favor the clean-shaven look, not the one with "the moustache's neighbors," as he called them on the premiere, joining in. (Yes, I have an odd schedule lately and was home to see it.)

  • A wonderful compliment, especially coming from a language maven as yourself. I'm with you. Another amazing Canadian who enjoys a national health care system. Canada native Jim Carey, last week on Bill Maher, said Americans don't know what they're missing.

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