On Trump's leak of top-secret documents


Trump orders release of classified documents in Russia investigation   [ The Guardian headline]


Trump plans on releasing  some classified files

Which might jeopardize CIA sources.

The move will be welcome to many hostiles

And could put in harm’s way our armed forces.


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  • ...and yet the psycho is all teed off about WH leaks?

    On your last point, maybe Gen. Kelly will give orders to his military school supply sergeant.

  • Hmm. Maybe he just wants to fit in with the other leakers. Or maybe the smoking gun is in there, it'll be published, and then someone will just deny it. Please, some day, run out of material!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    [On the question of material:] He reportedly threw Jeff Sessions under the bus again, saying he has no AG. Besides not having an EPA administrator, it's hard to make Sessions into a sympathetic character.

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