On being too sensitive to bodily noises



Author’s note: The following verse was occasioned by reading “What to do when someone is making bodily noises” in the today’s Tribune’s Life Style magazine.  Page 22, to be exact.


In public in front of you one blows his nose,

Or chews gum too loudly or burps from his toes.

If  these sounds  offend you

I wouldn’t  befriend you,

For there are much worse ones as far as it goes.


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  • I see some senile person mentioned another one in the right pane, which you could rhyme with art, Barf, cart, depart, heart, mini mart, and tart.

    And, unlike Kavanaugh, I admit to having done that, thereby precluding the need for an FBI investigation.

  • That's fun, thank you! But I don't think I'd end a friendship for these sounds -- I certainly wouldn't want someone to end a friendship over such sounds from me. I won't say which sounds, of course.

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