McCain's memorial service does not sit well with Trump supporters






“According to Politico, there have been complaints about their seating position within the Washington National Cathedral, with former Trump aide Sam Nunberg saying, ‘It was a very nice gesture by Jared and Ivanka to attend. I find it contemptible that the McCain family couldn’t seat them in a better, more respectable section.'”    []


Among Trump supporters there now is a spat

Quite childish and silly to this Democrat.

After praise for McCain

And  his family in pain,

They bicker about where Trump’s family sat.





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  • There was some news clip with Chris Christie saying something about "the President not being there was the elephant in the room." He should know.

    According to the Bannonites, the only thing disrespectful to Ivanka and Jared was that the funeral was held in the National Cathedral instead of the American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad). But Joseph Lieberman didn't seem to mind.

  • Let's also remember that the big orange pustule was not invited because he treated McCain contemptuously. Nunberg is the usual trumpanzee: criticise others when one can't live up to the standards one claims to profess.

  • Very well put. I had missed that the Kushners were there at all. It is childish indeed that anyone complained about seating. (When's the last time the complainers lost someone dear themselves?)

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