Kavanaugh's love affair with beer



Kavanaugh at his hearing made clear

That he happens to like a lot beer.

When young, quite a few

He would drink of a brew

But now sober a judge must appear.

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  • Ah, "sober as a judge." There's an expression worth defending, for senators and us all.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Actually, figuratively, and literally not, especially around here. The Judicial Inquiry Board wouldn't be in business if it were. On the list of referrals to the Courts Commission are Judges Hettel and Pufham for DUI, although most are for financial fraud or abuse of office.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks, Jack. Sobering information.

  • His beer drinking predates the availability of 3 Floyds, but whether he is still a drunk, he showed in response to questioning by Senators Hiono and Booker that he presently does not have the temperament to be a judge. BTW, Hirono is real sharp.

  • Banner on CNN: Trump: Kavanaugh had problem with drinking. Like he couldn't figure out how to use a bottle opener, or did some prankster give him a dribble glass in high school?

  • After all, he was a sloppy drunk.

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