The names Trump calls Sessions reflect his own character flaws








“People who play golf
They never would be missed
They never would be missed”    [Eric Idle’s lyrics to ‘I’ve Got a Little List’]


Trump continues with Sessions his long-running tiff.

He’s missing in action, Trump says, and scared stiff.

Like in the Mikado

He’s purely bravado

And scared stiff to jettison Jeff in a jiff.





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  • Last line is the relevant one. He knows (1) he can't get another AG following his agenda, and (2) he could never get him confirmed.

    Also, if it were to jettison Jeff to jettison Rod and Robert, he knows he will be impeached and removed.

  • Hmm, you've got me thinking of another song in "The Mikado," "Three Little Maids from School" --
    Three White House workers all unwary go to the media conf'rence area,
    speak to reporters 'bout their areas,
    three White House jobs? Not full!
    From three little jobs take them away,
    three little holes remain and they
    won't have to wait very long, they say...
    three White House jobs? Not cool!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Omarosa might have them on tape. I like it.

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