Kim chooses a potato over Pompeo



Kim Jong-un opts for potato farm visit over Mike Pompeo meeting  [ headline]


Trump’s contract with Kim is a dud

Though he thinks that Kim still is his bud.

Furthermore it’s been learned

That Pompeo was spurned

And in Kim’s eyes was not worth a spud.


Author’s note:  I’m proud to say that this is my 2000th post.

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  • I don't believe it. Kim would rather go to a Daikon farm.

    In the meantime, Trump goes to one of his hotels to have Putin pee on him.

  • Heartiest congratulations on your 2,000 posts -- they are a credit to you. As for this 2,000th one, it's very well done. I was anticipating the word "spud" in the rhyme, but "Kim's eyes" was a marvelous image I wasn't expecting as a double entendre. Very clever, my friend.

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