Trump has fueled an humanitarian crisis on the Mexican border





He routinely will lie when he’s moving his lips

And Obama and Hillary constantly rips.

Now the thug has the gall

In pursuit of his wall

To use innocent children as bargaining chips.


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  • I suppose the president didn't hear what I heard growing up, that you don't make yourself bigger by tearing everyone else down around you. I somehow heard a lot of commentary about this problem before I found facts, but now that I've heard them, I'm stunned. Thank you for a clear summary of this mess.

  • P.S. Serious thanks for "an humanitarian." Ahh.

  • But the Secretary of DHS said it was disgraceful that 90.27% of the country thought that. But I had enough of her yesterday, except to say, in response to your line 2, that she insisted that Bush and Obama did it, but then had to admit, not to this degree.

    She also claimed that all it would take is Congress to fix it, but Melania's husband who exhibits bipolar symptoms can't decide what he wants, and the Tea Party would again prefer having the issue rather than the solution.

  • In reply to jack:

    I wonder, Jack. Wouldn't anybody hearing and seeing these kids -- or the walls (!!) that keep us from hearing and seeing them -- prefer the solution?

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    From reports of some who appeared on Fox News, apparently not (Lewandowski being the head toad, by his utterance). Also, apparently not John Kass nor his Alzheimer's affected former colleague in the right pane.

    But whether it was Melania, the crowd in the Mexican restaurant, or some pollster, the word got to her husband that the line pushed by Nielsen at his behest that somehow the government has no legal choice turned out to be a lie. Notwithstanding the tack I took that it was all Sessions's doing by turning over the adults to the criminal justice system instead of immigration judges, Schumer was correct that the President could sign something, and apparently he did, after saying he was off to have fun at the Bund rally in Minnesota.

    Also, at the original press conference, Nielsen claimed that H&HS was taking good care of the children, and denied the viral videos. I guess something else happened there too.

    I don't know what's causing the influx of children, but the administration shows no understanding of any solution to that.

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