The Second Lady strikes out at the fashion plate



Who am I, I must confess,

To cast aspersions on a dress?

But Mother Pence wore one too short

And much too tight starboard to port.

Her dress invited folks to stare

At upper arms too plump to bare.

Her belt too high, her shoes passe;

That’s what the cognoscenti say.

Mother, next time wear a Dior

And then you won’t resemble Eeyore.



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  • Oh dear! I wouldn't want the aspersions I'd get from being in the same photo with the glamourous Queen Rania of Jordan, but I hope I would do better than this.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Better fashion-wise, that is. The commentary is a marvel.

  • Not even West Virginia nor the Alzheimer's patient in the right pane (under Bob Abrams) voted on Mrs. Pence's dress.

    I'm more concerned that we haven't heard from Mother's husband lately, although unless he is laying low planning to invoke the 25th Amendment,I don't care.

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